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Olson Show Cattle includes high powered genetics that we have carefully selected from top breeders nationwide. We feel these genetics offer the proven pedigrees and outstanding phenotype to improve our herd.
  Pryor I-80

Sire: I-80
Dam: Full Moon

  WC Miss Game Over

Sire: Friction
Dam: Texas Hold Em x Meyer x Angus
Registration Number: CA36585

Mercedes Benz x WC Miss Game Over Thunder x WC Miss Game Over
  JSUL Chill Styles 5802C

Sire: Silveria’s Style
Dam: JSUL Chilled Whiskey (Irish Whiskey x JSUL Chill 189)
Registration Number: 467023
TH and PHA Clean

  Trickeys Girl

Sire: Pale Face
Dam: Cheap Trick/ Black Jade's Mom

TRICKEYS GIRL was my very last show heifer that I showed and boy did she turn into a big time DONOR! The mother of the popular display bull SILENT KNIGHT plus the mother of the heifer pictured above. TRICKEYS GIRL is a full face baldy beauty that is big bodied, easy doing, stout and carries a large foot and bone. Her predator calves have definitely proven themselves but she calved out a HARD WHISKEY heifer this spring that will make quite an impact this in the Fall of 2013! Owned with Minnaert Show Cattle. Contact us for Flush and Embryo opportunities!

Hard Whiskey x Trickeys Girl Predator x Trickeys Girl

Sire: BOJO
Dam: EXT Angus

As many of you know, Holly brought in the banners for Sawyer Shattuck during the 2011 show season! This female was hands down the funnest one I have followed in terms of clipping and fitting at all the shows for she always came together like a dream every time!! HOLLY possesses an ideal maternal look with an extra shot of bone, hair, and thickness on top of a great skeleton that is loose structured with an ideal hind leg set! Not only did she win but now has proven herself in the donor pen with a Yellow Jacket Bull and Mercedes Benz heifer that are going to create quite a stir this fall of 2013! Contact Sawyer Shattuck at 309-798-4668 for flush and embryo opportunities!

Sire: ALI
Dam: Heat Wave Granddaughter

ANGEL is awesome!! TH and PHA FREE!! The many time champion for Micheal Melvin in the 2011 show season! She won a lot and plenty, and looked good all year doing it! ANGEL is a big footed and bone individual, that has a ton of rib shape and depth, with a lot of ease and flex on both ends of her skeleton. She is an extremely well balanced female loaded with power and hair!! When I clipped this one in August for Illinois State Fair 2011, you would 've of thought it was December again for the amount of hair volume that she had obtained. ANGEL was THE CROWD FAVORITE at the ILLINOIS STATE FAIR 2011!! Its a shame Mr. Judge was too busy reading ear tags that day! Owned with Melvin Show Cattle. Look for future matings by Monopoly. Contact us anytime on flush and embryo opportunities!

MAB x ANGEL Surround Sound x ANGEL Monopoly x ANGEL
  Silent Knight

Sire: Predator
Dam: Pale Face/ Cheap Trick/ Black Jade's Mom
DOB: 2/25/11
TH and PHA Free
BW: 70 pounds
Semen Now Available!
Semen: $25
Owned with: Minnaert Show Cattle
  County Mounty

Sire: I-80
Dam: TWCC Trendsetter T71 / Rocking P Mona Lisa (50% Simmental)
Dual Registration: Maintainer: 44337 • 1/4 Simmental: 2820780
DOB: 2/4/13
TH and PHA Free
BW: 79 pounds
Semen Now Available!
Semen: $25 • Contact Pinnacle Sires for Semen
Owned by: Dean Kephart and Mat Jon.
Bred by: Andy Roth
Sold by: Olson Show Cattle

We work hard to produce
the type and kind of cattle that will excel at all levels from county fairs to prospect shows to major shows and state fairs. If we can assist you in finding and purchasing your next show steer or heifer, please contact us. We will do our best to work with you to provide a pleasant and rewarding experience.
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Home Donors and Sires Winners For Sale
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